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Your digital infrastructure represents the foundation of your core business functions. We streamline the entire integration process – from design to delivery.

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Your digital infrastructure represents the foundation of your core business functions. Not only does it need to have the capacity and sturdiness to deliver everyday services, but it must also be flexible and scalable enough to facilitate the development of future products and services. Many organisations today are caught in the 80/20 trap, whereby they spend 80% of their resources maintaining and extending their existing infrastructure and a mere 20% on the projects and innovations that will bring in new revenue streams.

Nomios UK has a highly skilled and experienced team of engineers who are experts in systems integration, freeing up internal talent to focus on customer-centric projects which enable competitive advantage and audience acquisition. We have an impressive track record of delivering technology integration at any scale and across a multitude of industries.

We streamline the entire process – from design to delivery – and are able to assist with product selection, design, project management, configuration automation, customisations, logistics and more. By working with industry leading vendor partners, we select the most appropriate technologies to meet your needs and deliver a fully integrated, configured and tested solution.

Design & Integration

A smooth and worry-free process

icon Solution design
Solution design
Based on the business and technical outcomes you want to achieve, our team of engineers works alongside your stakeholders to scope a detailed design specification. This includes configurations, devices, elevations, network port mappings and more. You benefit from our experience as our team advises on all potential variables and presents high level and low level designs.
icon Procurement
Once the solution has been agreed, the full benefits of our extensive partner network come into force. We have developed collaborative relationships with vendors who are recognised leaders in their field. This translates to the most cost efficient and timely project delivery possible.
icon Build
The build phase is performed by experienced and skilled engineers who deploy the solution as per the agreed specifications. We manage all of the logistics and labour associated with deployment.
icon Configuration & validation
Configuration & validation
We automate system configuration, component testing, and solution validation processes to ensure accuracy and consistency in every integration. In the event of any equipment or component failures we will replace them immediately.
icon Delivery & deployment
Delivery & deployment
Once configuration and testing is complete, we deliver your bespoke solution to the specified location. Once delivered, the systems simply need to be connected to the existing infrastructure.
Project management

From order to delivery

Project management

Our comprehensive project management services include scheduling, vendor relationship management and logistics. All of our engagements provide end-to-end project management, including milestones to ensure that the project is right first time, on budget and aligned to the desired business outcomes.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is as important to us as it is to you. Your solution will be ready to deliver value from the moment it is deployed. Our comprehensive quality control process incorporates numerous checkpoints throughout the production process to ensure that your network or security solution provides the efficiencies, agility and scalability that you need to grow your business.

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