Teams-Talk: Empowering Defenders - Insights from the Front Line with Dionach's Red Team

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We are excited to invite you to watch our Teams Talk: Empowering Defenders - Insights from the Front Line, delivered by Dionach's Red Team Service.

In this engaging session, specialists from Dionach will delve into the nuances of red teaming — the proactive approach of identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing defence mechanisms.

Through interactive discussions, real-world case studies and first-hand expert insights, you'll gain invaluable knowledge on how to fortify your organisation's defences against the evolving cyber threats.

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Subject matter experts

  • Placeholder for 16351909790921635190979092

    Chris Sell

    Solutions Engineering Manager

    Nomios United Kingdom

  • Placeholder for James Thomas Dionach4James Thomas Dionach4

    James Thomas



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    Mike Manzotti

    Principal Cyber Security Consultant



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