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The key benefits of outsourcing your network support to our NOC

Proactive Support

Improved Scalability

Direct Access to Experts

24x7 Monitoring

Cost Efficiencies

Faster Incident Response

Use of Resource

Enhanced Security


Manage your organisation, not your network.

Time is a valuable resource. Would you like to give your network team more of it to spend on critical goals by outsourcing the management of your network to us?

As a trusted partner with decades of experience managing networks worldwide, we make sure your networks are reliable, up-to-date, secure and operating at the speed of light.

The Nomios UK Network Operations Center (NOC) based in Hampshire is where our team of network professionals monitor, manage, and maintain our customers' network infrastructure. The primary goal of our NOC is to ensure the availability, reliability, and performance of network systems and services. Our NOC team is responsible for detecting and resolving network issues, managing network traffic, maintaining network devices, and coordinating with other teams to address incidents and mitigate potential risks. We are experienced in working with many leading industry vendors, enabling us to accelerate MTTR and keep your organisation secure and connected.

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Our Portfolio

A flexible and diverse service catalogue to support your business

Get the support you need from our team. Using our managed network service knowledge, experience, and skills, we enable your organisation to fully understand the impact of new technologies and services. We offer an end-to-end service catalogue of network management activities - from the data centre right through to network endpoints.

Change management

Device management

Access management

Service delivery management

24/7 Active monitoring

Event/incident management

Problem management

Knowledge management

Lab implimentation

Spares management

Traffic analysis

Quality assurance

Site onboarding management

Patch and release management

Supplier and 3rd party management

Configuration and backup management

Service asset and configuration management

Advanced hardware replacement (RMA)

Detect / Diagnose / Remediate

Giving you peace of mind to focus on your business

By proactively monitoring end-to-end network performance and addressing problems in real time, our NOC team helps our customers minimise downtime, maintain optimal performance, and ensure the smooth functioning of their digital infrastructure.

Our state-of-the-art NOC offers 24x7 managed network services which means you can adopt new technologies while integrating and operating multi-vendor networks.

We have vast experience in maintaining IT & Telecoms networks covering different areas such as Enterprise, Access, Exchange & Data centre rings.

We have high-quality technical expertise on different technologies covering Layer 1 (OTN,DWDM...), Layer 2 (Ethernet, MPLS-TP...), Layer 3 (IP-MPLS...)

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"The team at Nomios have more than delivered on their 'proactive' promise and are now an essential part of our network support infrastructure and wider business strategy"

CISO / UK Telecoms Operator

Support services

Get the best support for your business today

Extend your network team with our support services and address issues before they impact your business.

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8 Reasons to outsource to a NOC

icon Cost saving
Cost saving
By outsourcing to a NOC, organisations can reduce the expenses associated with hiring, training, and retaining in-house network management staff. Additionally, they can save on infrastructure costs, as the NOC provider typically maintains the necessary monitoring tools and hardware.
icon Access to Expertise
Access to Expertise
NOC providers have a team of experienced IT professionals with specialized skills in network management, ensuring that your network is monitored and managed by experts. This expertise can help organizations stay up-to-date with industry best practices and emerging technologies.
icon Scalability
Outsourcing network management to a NOC allows organizations to scale their network infrastructure more easily. As the organization grows or its needs change, the NOC provider can quickly adjust the level of support, resources, and tools required to manage the network efficiently.
icon 24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Monitoring
NOC providers offer round-the-clock monitoring of the network, ensuring that any issues are identified and addressed promptly, minimizing downtime and potential damage. This continuous monitoring provides organizations with peace of mind, knowing that their network is being monitored at all times.
icon Faster Incident Response
Faster Incident Response
NOC providers have established processes and tools in place to quickly detect and respond to network incidents, reducing the time it takes to identify and resolve issues. This faster response time can help organizations maintain optimal network performance and minimize disruptions.
icon Proactive Maintenance
Proactive Maintenance
NOC providers take a proactive approach to network management, regularly performing maintenance tasks, updating software, and addressing potential issues before they escalate. This proactive maintenance helps organizations maintain a healthy network infrastructure and reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.
icon Improved Focus on Core Business
Improved Focus on Core Business
Outsourcing network management to a NOC allows organizations to focus on their core business activities, freeing up internal resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives and revenue-generating tasks.
icon Enhanced Security
Enhanced Security
NOC providers typically have expertise in network security and employ a range of tools and techniques to protect the network against threats. By outsourcing network management, organizations can benefit from enhanced security measures, reducing the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.
know the difference


A NOC and SOC are both essential components to support an organisation's network infrastructure, but they serve different purposes.

  • A Network Operations Centre (NOC) focuses on maintaining network performance and availability,
  • A Security Operations Centre (SOC) is dedicated to identifying, investigating, and resolving threats and cyber-attacks,

Both work to provide a comprehensive approach to managing and protecting an organisation's IT infrastructure and ensure the safeguarding and security of its information assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many organizations now seek to outsource parts or all of their networking functions to a trusted network provider. Managed network services (MNS) is a service model or capability provided by network service providers to design, built, monitor and manage network solutions.

As organizations invest in digital transformation initiatives to compete and grow, managing and scaling networks becomes paramount. The complexity of the networking landscape has changed dramatically over the last several years, and organizations need to stay ahead of a rapidly changing technology landscape. Outsourcing network management helps organizations achieve this, so they can focus on what matters most.

Managed network service providers deliver an array of skilled professionals, such as onboarding specialists, network architects, service delivery experts, engineering and support, project management and customer service. More specialized roles can be added, depending on the desired scope of the engagement.


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