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As an IT professional in the healthcare industry, you know like no other that hospitals are often targeted by gangs of cybercriminals with ransomware and DDoS attacks. These crimes not only significantly impact a hospital's infrastructure, but they also impact patient care which can have disastrous effects. When it comes to cybersecurity best practice in general, and specifically for the healthcare sector, you understand that prevention is better than the cure.

We can unburden you with our expertise to support you in cybercrime prevention. Whether we need to add helping hands, assist in implementing the right technologies, or helping you set up the right infrastructure, we're here to make sure your healthcare institution only needs to worry about caring for the patients.

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Industry challenges

Do these challenges sound familiar?

These challenges highlight the need for robust cybersecurity and advanced networking solutions in the healthcare sector.

Breach management

Implementing effective strategies to prevent, detect, and respond swiftly to security breaches in sensitive environments.

IT manpower limitations

Managing extensive IT infrastructures with limited resources, balancing efficiency and security.

System protection updates

Ensuring essential systems are safeguarded with the latest and most appropriate technological solutions.

Regulatory compliance

Adhering to rigorous industry regulations, and navigating complex legal requirements to maintain compliance.

Secure cloud usage

Leveraging cloud technologies effectively while ensuring robust security measures are in place.

Network design challenges

Tackling the complexities of designing secure networks and selecting the right technology to meet specific needs.

Remote patient monitoring and telemedicine

Securing data in telemedicine and remote monitoring, especially when transmitted over personal devices.

Insider threats

Mitigating risks from insider threats, whether intentional or accidental, in environments with extensive data access.

Regional psychiatric centre Les Marronniers implements secure wireless solution

The Centre Régional Psychiatrique (CRP) Les Marronniers accompanies and cares for patients with mental health problems, whatever their age. Whether it is a question of prevention, outpatient care, rehabilitation, hospital care (planned or crisis) or accommodation, the patient is at the heart of the system developed with the multidisciplinary teams, in conjunction with the family and the network.

The IT department was faced with a Wi-Fi bandwidth problem. They wanted to move forward to implement new technologies and possibilities, but their current Wi-Fi network couldn’t take the strain. Via buyer’s platform GIAL, CRP Marronniers chose to accept the offer of Nomios.

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Success story
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