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The energy & utilities sector is frequently targeted by cybercriminals due to it providing essential services to people, organisations, and corporations all over the world. These attacks are increasing and adapting to preventive security methods fast.

Next to security, connectivity is also ever-evolving in your industry. IoT, smart grid technology, remote resource management, and many more advancements also require your attention, as well as your consideration of the cybersecurity hazards that come along with these efficient technologies.

We are here to help you with your security as well as your connectivity challenges. With our expertise in both areas, we have the opposite of a siloed approach to the technological opportunities and challenges in your sector.

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Industry challenges

Do these sound familiar?

To tackle these challenges, energy and utility companies must integrate advanced technologies like Zero Trust architectures and enhance threat detection, alongside fostering collaboration with industry peers and regulatory bodies for improved security and compliance.

Evolving technology landscape

Constant technological advancements challenge companies to maintain oversight and integrate new solutions.

Cyber attack risks in supply-chain

The energy supply chain's interconnectedness necessitates comprehensive security against cyber threats.

IoT management and scalability

Efficient and secure management and scaling of the proliferating IoT networks is a significant hurdle.

Network infrastructure upgrades

Safely and efficiently upgrading legacy network infrastructures without disrupting operations.

Remote site security and connectivity

Unique security and connectivity issues at remote and isolated industry sites.

Execution of large-scale IT projects

Complexities and challenges in successfully implementing extensive, long-term IT projects.

Expertise shortage in complex architectures

A growing need for skilled professionals knowledgeable in modern, intricate network architectures.

Compliance and regulatory requirements

Strict regulations mandate robust security and data protection measures.
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