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Digital transformation is driving demand for greater agility in networks that support businesses to deliver superior customer experiences much faster than ever before. More and more, customers are leveraging cloud-based applications in their organizations, but these are often bandwidth intensive, and put undue pressure onto networks.

Traditional WAN architectures have been complex and static, relying on physical network hardware with configurations required at customer sites. Thus making them time-consuming and costly to manage. Therefore managed SD-WAN quickly emerges as a preferred solution for cost-efficiently leveraging the internet for enterprise connectivity. There are several key foundational components that come with an SD-WAN, including:

  • Ability to leverage multiple forms of connectivity including broadband
  • Dynamic path selection
  • Zero-touch provisioning
  • Centralized management
  • Dramatic cost reductions

Why a Managed SD-WAN provider?

SD-WAN is great for troubleshooting applications in your network. It also enables application-based reporting. Both of these work best with no or only payload encryption. Throughout SD-WAN, transformative technologies and solutions come to life. Think of service assurance, increased network performance and availability for example.

The value of a foundational SD-WAN on its own is clear. Organizations not only save money but benefit from increased business agility and worker productivity. It also enables IT to deploy new applications more quickly and accelerate time-to-value.

The early SD-WAN adopters tend to have sophisticated IT organizations, which got them to embrace a do-it-yourself SD-WAN model to live by. With the maturing market, now less-technical organizations are ready to deploy SD-WAN. Instead of relying on a Do-it-Yourself model, many look for a managed SD-WAN service. Because Managed SD-WAN is cost-effective, flexible and offers vendor agnostic software defined networking with consistent high-performance.

At the other end of the spectrum we see SD-WAN as a Service, which is delivered by global telecommunication providers. In many cases enterprises are considering upgrading from MPLS to SD-WAN as a Service, delivered by the same service provider. These services tend to have a "one-size-fits-all" profile, with a standardised SD-WAN stack. In this scenario global enterprises cannot fully capitalize on the benefits of SD-WAN, due to limited flexibility and control.

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Lower costs and increased application performance

Studies show that up to 40 percent of total IT expenditure is spent on recurring costs from WAN service providers. Managing the infrastructure further incurs costs, while WAN downtime and brownouts result in additional costs for organizations.

Managed SD-WAN introduces a virtual network layer that allows organizations to transparently combine cost effective IPVPN services with traditional (and more expensive) private links, without incurring penalties for increased complexity or decreased user experience. Adding extra bandwidth capacity is as easy as adding an extra link and connecting it to the SD-WAN router.

Boost your Cloud App Performance

Thanks to optimized access and routes to all applications in the private, public and datacentre cloud, Managed SD-WAN increases app performance. Assuring application performance, you can create a dynamic simplified WAN with lower costs and move network management into the cloud, limiting costly on-premise equipment and distributed policy management. Private Hybrid WAN management is also simplified, because of centralizing network management, business policy orchestration and security.

Managed SD-WAN benefits

Achieve more business agility and enable digitisation, using Nomios UK Managed SD-WAN. Improve the experience you provide employees and customers by enhancing the performance of your applications, whether they are hosted on-site, in a data center or cloud. With more applications moving to the cloud, Nomios UK Managed SD-WAN helps facilitate the most direct and secure route for them at all times.

Fully managed service delivery

24x7 infrastructure monitoring

Agnostic to WAN transport

Enhanced network performance and security

Vendor agnostic support

Zero-touch configuration

Greatly reduce your network costs

Your partner

Your trusted partner for Managed SD-WAN

Geographically distributed businesses often have hundreds of branch offices connected to hub or headquarters’ sites. For security reasons, cloud-based application traffic is often backhauled from the branch across expensive WAN links to a hub site before being handed off to the internet. This is expensive and often performance is compromised due to WAN bandwidth constraints at the branch and added latency from backhauling connections.

At the same time every organization today runs applications that are critical to their business. When those applications are down, the business stops. When they perform poorly or slow, employer productivity drops resulting in revenue to be lost directly. Today, these business-essential applications are running in the cloud and are accessed by internet connections.

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With Managed SD-WAN these problems are solved. Time-sensitive applications such as voice and video can be routed over IPVPN while important SaaS applications can be directed over the internet to utilise your WAN more efficiently. Security and performance issues of the underlying transport can be overcome, instead of simply routing traffic around the problem. Nomios UK Managed SD-WAN provides a better user experience and resource utilization, higher application performance, improved productivity and lower bandwidth costs.

Nomios UK houses leading networking, cloud and SD-WAN engineers that help you choose and design the best SD-WAN solution tailored to your organization's infrastructure, either as a managed service or as a solution that you operate yourself.

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Managed SD-WAN

Our services

Let us guide you on your journey to a cutting-edge SD-WAN solution. Nomios UK provides Managed SD-WAN in a modular ‘building block’ format. Select specific SD-WAN services and tailor the network to your needs, for maximum flexibility and control. Together with you we create a strategy, road map and project planning.

icon STEP 1: Consult & design
STEP 1: Consult & design
SD-WAN network design that works for you. We work to understand your exact requirements and design a solution that fits your needs. This includes the choice of appropriate connectivity, addressing any non SD-WAN requirements, and selecting accurately scaled SD-WAN hardware.
icon STEP 2: Procurement & logistics
STEP 2: Procurement & logistics
Easily transfer SD-WAN hardware to your site. We source and deliver equipment to 120+ countries. We handle procurement and logistics, and update you throughout the process on availability and timelines.
icon STEP 3: Install & stage
STEP 3: Install & stage
Simple configuration for your SD-WAN hardware. Our network experts, certified engineers, experienced architects and vendors enable us to install and stage SD-WAN hardware globally. Our engineers can also connect the hardware to the enterprise LAN upon request
icon STEP 4: Configure & integrate
STEP 4: Configure & integrate
Seamless integration of your sites into your network. Leveraging knowledge of multiple SD-WAN technologies, our engineers will configure the agreed setup for each site and integrate it into the agreed network design. This includes migration from legacy MPLS networks, coordination of third parties, and more.
icon STEP 5: Manage & operate
STEP 5: Manage & operate
Global management of your SD-WAN solution. Fully controlled and managed by experts, while maintaining the flexibility to optimize routing paths globally and making classical WAN structures easier to manage.
Managed services

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