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Netskope: Unrivalled Cloud Security

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Providing support and security to users connecting from almost anywhere and everywhere in the world is driving tremendous transformation in cloud services. As everything is becoming more intuitive, connected, and collaborative, the way we work is changing, and that change is undoubtedly reflected across SaaS, IaaS, and web environments. This in turn is creating new challenges and risks for security teams.

For unrivalled visibility, real-time data and threat protection for your cloud services, websites, and private apps look no further than Netskope Security Cloud. The use of their patented technology, Netskope Cloud XDTM, helps to eliminate blind spots, going deeper than any other security provider. This allows you to quickly target, and take control of, activities across the entirety of your cloud (SaaS and IaaS) services as well as millions of websites.

Data-centric cloud security

Rapid adoption of cloud services and apps, usually accessed on mobile devices, has left traditional security technology lagging behind. With its data-centric approach, Netskope can follow that data, wherever it goes. This includes data going to unmanaged cloud apps and personal devices and data created and exposed in the cloud.

Cloud services now make up the majority of enterprise web traffic and securing this environment is vital for the continued success of your organisation. However, doing this without slowing down the business, demands a new kind of security model, one that is based on contextual knowledge of the cloud. Netskope cloud security allows you to take advantage of their intimate understanding of the cloud. Effectively applying its security controls and enabling your employees to safely access the cloud and web.

An end to blind spots

Thanks to Netskope’s Cloud XD™, you get a deeper understanding enabling your team to quickly target and control activities across thousands of cloud services and websites.

Managed or unmanaged, cloud services are secure

With Netskope Cloud Security you can secure your managed cloud services like Microsoft 365, AWS and G Suite. Unmanaged, business-led cloud services are simultaneously secured without the need for blocking.

Sensitive data is protected with award-winning DLP

Netskope DLP (data loss prevention) and introspection facilitate the full protection of your sensitive content matching DLP profiles. This includes pre-defined DLP profiles needed for proper regulatory compliance.

Elusive malware is stopped in its tracks

Malware, advanced threats, and cloud-enabled threats are taken care of with anti-malware, sandboxing, ML analysis and the Cloud Threat Exchange (CTE) for IOC sharing. Plus, there is the option to add on Behaviour Analytics and Targeted RBI (remote browser isolation).

The challenge of scaling security

One of the biggest challenges of cloud security is performance and scale. A reliance on public internet to deliver online security can cause performance issues, equally an appliance-based approach doesn’t scale. That’s where Netskope is different, delivering cloud-native security in real-time with no performance trade-off.

The key benefits of Netskope Cloud Security

There are many great benefits and capabilities of Netskope Cloud Security for your organisation, below are just a few we at Nomios UK feel sets them apart from other providers.

  • Regulate cloud and web use for users anywhere - secure managed and unmanaged users thanks to unified policies for SaaS, IaaS and web security.
  • Flexible deployment for all your business needs – Netskope Cloud Security supports any use case, whether that’s an API-only deployment mode or multiple real-time options. Netskope Cloud Security provides you with the ability to deploy entirely in the cloud or use a hybrid deployment.
  • Streamline operations - integrating key SSE components including ZTNA, FWaaS, SWG, CASB, RBI, DLP and threat protection in the Netskope Security Cloud allows organizations to get the benefit of a single pass architecture with a single management console.
  • Flexible zero trust policy - adopt zero trust principles and ensure the flexibility of adaptive policy controls that can understand context changes and update access controls for each unique situation.

A faster user experience – Netskope’s deep understanding of the cloud allows them to deliver data-centric security from what is becoming one of the world’s largest and fastest security networks with some of the best SLAs in the industry.

Contact your Netskope Cloud Security partners

Nomios UK is a proud partner of Netskope. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers recognise the importance of technical expertise and keeping up to date with all the latest security solutions. That means you can count on us for hands-on knowledge allowing for accurate assessment of your organisation’s requirements. Enabling us to design, implement and manage the perfect solution to suit your needs. Get in touch today to find out more.

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