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The rise of AI and what it means for cybersecurity

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It seems we can’t escape mentions of the advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the news recently. With the much-lauded chatbots, virtual assistants and an increase in automation in almost every area of life and work. But what do these advances in machine learning and AI mean for the security of your networks and virtual assets?

How can AI be used in cybersecurity?

There are many uses of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity, and with them come just as many rewards. AI uses both machine and deep learning to recognize patterns on your network, it can then spot deviations from the norm or security incidents, responding to them appropriately. The ability to recognize these patterns can help to improve security in the future as similar potential threats can be detected and blocked before they take hold. Below are some of these uses and their accompanying benefits.

Detect and identify vulnerabilities and anomalous patterns

A normally time-consuming and potentially complicated task, the detection of anomalous patterns and vulnerabilities in your extensive network is an easy job for AI. This faster and more efficient detection buys your organisation valuable time when it comes to malicious threats.

Accurate risk assessment and improved threat intelligence

The compiled intelligence of AI allows for more precise identification, analysis and evaluation of threats and clear and effective recommended solutions. This, in turn, leads to a strong security posture for your organisation, which is essential for preventing data breaches and the theft or ransom of intellectual property.

Automation of time-intensive operations

Tasks that would normally take valuable time from your team can be automated without intervals. This increases response time and reduces pressure on your team. IBM say that investing in the adoption of AI and automation in cybersecurity can save organisations more than 14 weeks in the detection and response times when it comes to threats. This can help with a reduction in the overall costs of a data breach.

What is the importance of AI in cybersecurity?

We know that AI in cybersecurity can help to discover threats, direct an incident response, and even expose malware attacks before they happen. It’s clear that artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a high priority for improving the performance of an organisation’s cyber security.

There is of course a flip side to this rise of AI in cybersecurity. The same advanced intelligence and machine learning that is used in defence can also be used to attack. The use of AI-driven tools allows for the constant change in malware signatures to evade detection and the spawning of large amounts of this malware to increase the power of the attack. This is perhaps even more reason to enlist AI on the side of good. With its innate ability to learn, artificial intelligence is capable of detecting emerging patterns that humans may not initially recognise. This allows for a more proactive approach, with the AI able to seek out potential threats and prevent an attack before it even begins. And as AI evolves the speed at which this pattern detection and response can happen will far exceed our own human abilities.

It is currently thought that there is a global deficit of expertise in the cybersecurity industry with many roles unfilled. There simply aren’t enough people entering the industry to keep up with demand, leading to in-house teams becoming overwhelmed. By incorporating these AI-driven products into your network and security management you can alleviate the pressures on your team and increase threat response time.

Is artificial intelligence the future of cybersecurity?

AI is undoubtedly the future of cybersecurity, as it is many other things. Its ability to detect and identify anomalous patterns within extensive networks and to highlight vulnerabilities without human interaction makes it invaluable. We can expect that as artificial intelligence progresses and evolves it will become an integral part of our network defences. But with this also comes the need for more AI experts to maintain and adjust products as well as provide oversight. It is unlikely that AI or machine learning will ever replace the creativity and critical thinking of a human team. That’s why the network management and security solutions like those Nomios UK offers are so vital. However, AI products can certainly augment your organisation’s ability to respond to and even prevent malicious attacks.

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