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ADVA Fiber monitoring

Fiber monitoring solution for precise and fast location, characterization and notification of fiber events.

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Bringing light into the dark

Without fiber monitoring, high-bandwidth services are always at risk of disruption, often with significant negative impact on customers. As soon as service providers invest in a proactive solution that measures the integrity of their fiber plant, they can efficiently isolate faults and take immediate targeted action. This dramatically shortens repair cycles and avoids unnecessary truck rolls. So why have many service providers been slow to implement in-service fiber monitoring solutions until now? In the past, fiber testing technology was designed for reactive measurement, while proactive solutions often failed to meet the cost and practicality requirements of many networks. Now a technology exits to address this urgent need.

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Improved service quality

Real-time information on fiber integrity for fast failure detection and short repair cycles.

Learn more about Advanced Link Monitoring (ALM)

Real-time fibre assurance

Our ALM is a vital tool for service providers aiming to deliver superior performance. Designed for maximum power efficiency, it provides real-time, in-service fiber monitoring of the entire optical plant, enabling operators to know immediately if and where issues arise. With the ADVA ALM, operators can avoid unsuccessful repair attempts, prevent outages and enhance customer experience. This simple solution requires no active, onsite equipment at the remote site as it can be configured to passively monitor access services. Eliminating active demarcation further reduces cost and frees operators to deploy the ADVA ALM in even the most extreme environmental conditions.

A new era of fiber monitoring

What makes our ALM so unique is its size and its cost. Until recently, such technology was either too expensive, too large or too impractical. Now, this small device is changing things in a big way, as it makes effective, real-time fiber assurance of access and metro networks affordable to all operators. With its transparent, service-agnostic monitoring, our ALM provides a fiber monitoring solution for an unprecedented range of applications in both fixed and mobile access. Now service providers and businesses can truly maximize the potential of their fiber assets for more robust, efficient services and a crucial competitive edge.

Learn more about Advanced Link Monitoring (ALM)

Fiber Assurance Solutions

Fiber has become the dominant medium, not only for connecting core sites but also for access to enterprises public buildings and cell sites. The communication and data services transported over those fiber networks are crucial for our working environments and daily lives. Network unavailability caused by damaged fiber can create major problems and even threaten the operation of critical infrastructures.

Rapid action to limit or prevent lost services is indispensable. With fiber assurance, field forces can instantly isolate faults and distinguish between issues caused by active devices and those caused by passive cables. False alarms and unnecessary truck rolls are prevented while repair times are significantly reduced. Proactive, in-service fiber link monitoring is the key to higher service availability and reduced costs.

Introducing our ALM advanced link monitoring solution, the smallest and most cost-efficient fiber assurance product on the market. Its core purpose is to proactively monitor fiber plants and help operators resolve any issues before they impact services. This unique service-agnostic plug-and-play device provides total visibility of critical fiber infrastructure with minimal and simple additions to the existing network. Find out more.

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