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Ciena has a rich history of pioneering innovations that have redefined network connectivity, empowering organizations to meet the demands of our digitally interconnected world.

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Ciena: A smarter approach to broadband networks

Ciena understands the challenges and opportunities the once-in-a-generation mission to deliver 'broadband for all' creates for service providers. This unique moment in the broadband market demands an entirely different solution—a smarter approach to network architecture.

Ciena leverages a rich hardware, software, and services ecosystem that is open, modular, and scalable, enabling service providers to implement a best-of-breed network to achieve more with their broadband initiatives – to make more of their investments, serve more communities, support the existing and future applications, and excel in service performance.



Key benefits

Ciena’s approach to broadband networks allows service providers to multiply revenues and boost efficiency:

  • Deliver broadband, enterprise, and mobile services simultaneously in a single converged network, helping you to monetise your network better and create a more sustainable business.
  • Protect your investment by leveraging optimal XGS-PON port density and power consumption and a seamless evolution to 25GS-PON.

  • Provide high-value broadband services to residential and small and medium business (SMB) customers through Ciena’s virtual broadband network gateway (vBNG) that provides network operators with agility, reliability, and scalability.

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Why Ciena's broadband solution

Ciena’s broadband solution is designed to deliver the openness, modularity, scalability, and sustainability required by new and established service providers of all kinds to thrive in the lucrative broadband market, while protecting their investments and maintaining a competitive edge well into the future.

icon Open
By providing access to a broad open ecosystem of technologies and vendors, Ciena’s broadband solution protects future growth by enabling service providers to deploy a best-of-breed network, focusing on quality customer experiences while containing cost and offering services at affordable prices.
icon Modular
Service providers can start small and expand networks where and when customers need it—streamlining operations and ensuring financial sustainability.
icon Scalable
Scalability feature enables to build a high-capacity, affordable, automated broadband network that scales dynamically so service providers can deliver on customer expectations to ensure quality services.
icon Sustainable
At Ciena, we’ve put sustainability at the very heart of our technology roadmap, helping our service provider customers meet their cost and long-term power-saving targets.
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