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Cisco ThousandEyes

Instantly identify what is impacting user experiences across any domain—even those that you do not own or control.

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Internet and cloud visibility for service assurance

A combination of active and passive monitoring techniques plus real-time internet outage detection gives deep insight into user experience across the applications and services you deliver and consume.

Network and Application Synthetics

Hop-by-hop visibility across LAN, WAN, internet, and cloud networks correlated with BGP routing and web and API transaction experience metrics.

Cisco ThousandEyes with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches

Cisco ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence with Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches delivers end-to-end visibility, allowing IT teams to see and manage the networks and applications that they rely on but do not directly control.

Cisco SD-WAN and Cisco ThousandEyes

Cisco ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence, combined with Cisco SD-WAN, delivers optimal digital experiences with end-to-end visibility from WAN edge to everywhere that matters to your business.

Webex by Cisco and Cisco ThousandEyes

Cisco ThousandEyes Webex Agents, now integrated into Webex data centers, provide extensive, bidirectional visibility into the Webex environment. This gives your IT team a clear line of sight between user locations and Webex services.

End User Monitoring

Client-based endpoint agent monitors user-specific application experience and end-to-end network path, from WiFi to ISP to VPN gateway to destination service.

Benefits of Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring:

  • Support your digital workforce: Gain visibility into remote workforce experience and enable IT help desks to solve problems faster.
  • Solve app experience issues: Monitor employee interactions with web-based applications to facilitate good experience and productivity.
  • See end-to-end connectivity: Visualize network paths from user device to WiFi access point, ISPs, and VPN gateways to SaaS, and internal applications.

Internet Insights

Collective network telemetry from ISP, cloud, and edge service providers plus software as a service (SaaS) application outage data powers real-time internet and application outage detection.

Network outages

Network outages can be difficult to isolate, especially within a service provider network. Internet Insights detects network outages by identifying where traffic is terminating within service provider networks.

Application outages

Managing user experience for software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications can be daunting, since IT has no control over the code or its delivery. Internet Insights provides visibility into application availability, the outage, its scale and scope.

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