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Traditional SIEMs Were Not Designed for Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response

Despite significant investments in security, establishing an effective Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) program remains a challenge for Security Operations Centers (SOCs). This problem stems from various factors, including the fact that security tools operate in silos. Traditional SIEMs, intended to centralize data from these tools, have become overly complex as the focus has been on features rather than outcomes. Security teams often invest considerable effort in customizing current SIEMs, yielding results that fall short of expectations.
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Moreover, data centralization, robust search capabilities, and audit and compliance reporting are essential for security operations. Unfortunately, most SIEMs struggle to perform even these basic tasks effectively.

To derive value from data, experts must master various complex proprietary query languages, posing a significant barrier to obtaining answers. Furthermore, when they execute advanced queries, experts often experience significant delays in receiving results, impacting their productivity.

Integrated SIEM and XDR - A Comprehensive Approach to TDIR (Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response) and SecOpsExabeam

Fusion SIEM offers an effective results-oriented TDIR, enabling better utilization and enhancement of your existing security system tools without the need to discard them and replace them with a single vendor's tools for centralization. It comes ready to use and utilizes pre-built integrations with hundreds of third-party security tools, combining weak signals from different products to detect complex threats overlooked by other tools using market-leading behavior analytics.

To help SOCs and security experts standardize best practices, Fusion SIEM solutions include normative workflows and pre-assembled content tailored to specific threat types for improved TDIR results. This allows SOCs to run TDIR workflows entirely from a single control panel capable of automating manual tasks related to sorting, investigations, and responses. Security expert productivity increases, response times decrease, and results become consistent and highly reproducible.

Collect, Store, and Search Data Anywhere

From endpoints to the cloud, including everything in between, your data is everywhere. Fusion SIEM provides highly scalable centralized storage and intelligent, fast search capabilities, delivering complete visibility across your entire ecosystem. If file log storage needs, storage duration, or processing power requirements increase, Fusion SIEM easily adapts to meet your demands.

Flexible Integration to Enhance Your Security System

Fusion SIEM enhances your current security system by adding turnkey TDIR that uses hundreds of pre-configured integrations covering dozens of essential technologies like endpoints, networks, the cloud, and more. These integrations support the entire TDIR lifecycle, from data ingestion and normalization to threat detection and response automation. This approach allows Fusion SIEM to maximize the value of your existing security investments and bring them together in a single SOC control panel.

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