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IP Fabric

Automated network assurance platform.

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IP Fabric strives to empower network professionals globally and cross-functionally by automating network documentation, accelerating the troubleshooting process, and visualizing the network infrastructure. With over 317,000 devices under management, IP Fabric has helped thousands of network engineers tackle complexities of network assurance and automation, security assurance, multi-cloud networking, and trouble resolution.


How does it work?

IP Fabric's Network Assurance Platform has 3 stages of adoption: Baseline, Operate and Innovate, each designed to take you a step farther down the road to the self-driving network.

icon Baseline
Shine light into the dark corners of the multi-vendor network for a full picture of the inventory, configuration, topology, and state.
icon Operate
IP Fabric uses data from across your entire network to enhance your operational process.
icon Innovate
Start integrating with other technologies to put the data intelligence from IP Fabric to work

What challenges does IP Fabric solve?

icon Visualization
The revolutionary visualization capability provides a new way of understanding the topology and behavior of your network. Easily create a network map that shows the relationships between your network nodes with a level of flexibility you can control, to get exactly the view you need for your purpose.
icon Zero Trust
Zero Trust
IP Fabric helps you to identify the devices or hosts connected at your network edge, allowing you to properly implement a Zero Trust security policy. It validates that deployed Network Access Control technologies are correctly configured and standardized, and it can show you rogue devices connected and configured at the edges of your network.
icon Accurate network state data
Accurate network state data
IP Fabric puts the right data in the hands of the people who need it. Equipping support teams with accurate network state data can save them valuable hours of unnecessary detective work, cutting down MTTR (mean time to resolve) dramatically.
icon Cloud connectivity
Cloud connectivity
The flexible network model allows you to create end-to-end path simulation across the hybrid cloud and is visualized in consolidated topology maps, giving network and cloud teams the essential clarity they need to avoid single points of failure and maximize service availability.
icon Enhance automation flows
Enhance automation flows
Use data from the IP Fabric snapshot - easily accessed via REST API calls - in automation workflows.
icon Troubleshooting
Reacting to an issue after a ticket has been raised – by, for example, a user not able to access their application - puts you straight onto the back foot, and could be an opportunity missed.
icon Change management
Change management
IP Fabric makes planning changes straightforward. There is no need to validate documentation and capacity information before you start; IP Fabric has the latest view of inventory, topology, config, and state.
icon Augment your toolset
Augment your toolset
Complex networks bring an inevitable sprawl of operational tooling – monitoring, configuration and policy management, inventory, ticketing, automation, and more.
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