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Juniper Mist Asset Visibility

Juniper Mist Asset Visibility provides precise location analytics using vBLE technology for tracking assets and people, enhancing real estate planning and customer flow understanding.

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Maximize asset visibility and location insights with Juniper Mist

The Juniper Mist Asset Visibility service provides detailed location analytics to easily locate assets and people. With patented virtual Bluetooth® LE (vBLE) technology integrated into Juniper Access Points, customers can leverage their existing mobile infrastructure for resource visibility and tracking. The combination of vBLE and machine learning in the Juniper Mist cloud ensures accurate tracking at the room and zone level for objects with Bluetooth® LE asset tags and Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices.

Our API-first approach allows in-house and third-party developers to access zone analytics, facilitating better real estate planning and understanding of customer movement within your business venue. Asset Visibility is just one of the location services we offer, alongside User Engagement, Contact Tracing, and Premium Analytics.

Key Features:

  • Leverage traffic pattern analysis to enhance product placement strategies.
  • Optimize workforce allocation based on demand patterns.
  • Efficiently locate and retrieve assets.
  • Maximize utilization of physical space.
Juniper Mist Asset Visibility

Functions and benefits

Utilize our Bluetooth® LE-based solutions to effortlessly locate essential personnel, including nurses, security personnel, and sales representatives. Track valuable assets equipped with Bluetooth® LE tags, such as IV pumps, forklifts, and other high-value items, for enhanced asset management and security.

Deliver scalable and cost-effective asset visibility solutions by deploying Juniper Access Points equipped with an integrated, patented, and dynamic 16-element directional antenna array. With the added power of unsupervised machine learning, our vBLE solution enables enterprises to achieve comprehensive asset visibility while optimizing costs.

Unlock the power of full automation and seamless integration with external applications using the Juniper Mist SDK, available for both iOS and Android platforms. With access to 100% open APIs, this service enables comprehensive control and flexibility in your application development and integration processes.

Gain valuable insights from your enterprise network with our Asset Visibility service, which allows you to analyze up to 30 days of data. This simplifies the extraction of actionable insights, enabling you to access weekly schedules of repeat visitors (whether customers or employees) and make informed decisions regarding resource allocation and the introduction of premium services.

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