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Tufin Orchestration Suite

The Tufin Orchestration Suite provides enterprises with cybersecurity and agility with network security policy orchestration for a wide range of technologies and integrations.

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Tufin security policy orchestration for today’s enterprise networks learn how the Tufin Orchestration Suite empowers you to visualise and control your network security policy across all on-premise environments and cloud platforms.

Tufin Orchestration Suite solution

The award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite is a policy-centric solution for automatically analysing risk, designing, provisioning and auditing network security changes. Tufin reduces the attack surface and minimises disruptions to critical applications. Its network security automation enables enterprises to implement security changes in minutes instead of days with continuous compliance and increased agility.

Tufin Orchestration Suite provides multi-vendor device support for leading enterprise networks, including finance, telecom, energy and utilities, healthcare, retail, education, government, manufacturing, transportation and auditing. Tufin’s technology alliance involves a close partnership with industry leaders to provide seamless integration of the award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite with their solutions.

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  • Single pane of glass for network security
  • Network security policy baseline
  • Application-centric security & connectivity management
  • Network security change automation
  • Compliance and audit readiness
  • Interoperability with IT service management, ticketing & 3rd party systems
Leader in security policy orchestration

Tufin SecureApp

SecureApp is the first solution that enables organisations to manage network connectivity and security policy from an application perspective. According to network professionals, more than 80% of their time is spent on implementing and troubleshooting application-related changes. With SecureApp, network and application teams can collaboratively deploy, update, monitor and decommission applications and services from the network with ease.

By providing insight into an application’s connectivity needs and status, SecureApp helps to accelerate service deployment, assure business continuity and simplify network operations. An integral part of Tufin Orchestration Suite, SecureApp delivers the benefits of network change automation for the application deployment lifecycle.

SecureApp benefits

icon Application connectivity
Application connectivity
Easily map and update application connectivity to the network for rapid application and service delivery
icon Discovery and deployment
Discovery and deployment
Define an application's network connectivity requirements with automatic discovery for accurate ongoing change requests
icon Migration and decommissioning
Migration and decommissioning
Migrate or remove applications on the network without leaving security holes
icon Self-service and ticketing
Self-service and ticketing
Enable users to define network access requests through a self-service portal or ticketing system
icon Monitoring and troubleshooting
Monitoring and troubleshooting
Receive alerts and application connectivity status to rapidly troubleshoot problems
icon Load balancing
Load balancing
Simplify management of load balancer configuration for network access
Leader in security policy orchestration

Tufin SecureChange

Network security change automation for business agility and policy compliance

Tufin Orchestration Suite’s SecureChange increases agility and auditability for the network security change process. Tufin provides policy-based automation and orchestration, enabling enterprises to implement accurate changes in minutes instead of days across physical networks and cloud platforms while maintaining security and compliance.

SecureChange benefits

icon Speed
Implement changes securely and accurately in minutes instead of days
icon Proactive analysis
Proactive analysis
Perform proactive risk analysis to avoid security policy and compliance violations
icon Workflows
Leverage flexible, customisable workflows for full integration into enterprise ITSM processes
icon Increase control
Increase control
Increase control with a unified console supporting all leading enterprise platforms, traditional networks and firewalls, SDN & cloud platforms
icon Provisioning
Provide automated provisioning, end-to-end orchestration for multi-vendor environments to reduce complexity and human error
icon Audit readiness
Audit readiness
Reduce time and effort required for audit readiness by up to 70% through continuous compliance and automated audit trail
Leader in security policy orchestration

Tufin SecureTrack

Strengthen network security posture and ensure compliance across multi-vendor firewall and cloud platforms

Tufin Orchestration Suite’s SecureTrack is a comprehensive firewall and security policy management solution for multi-vendor firewalls, next-generation firewalls and cloud platforms (public, private and hybrid). Tufin Orchestration Suite provides a single console for firewall admins, security admins and network operations teams. Its SecureTrack component ensures that firewall and security policies are optimised to enable business agility while meeting the most stringent security and compliance requirements.

SecureTrack benefits

icon Firewall operations
Firewall operations
Speed up and simplify firewall operations
icon Strong enterprise network security
Strong enterprise network security
Gain end-to-end visibility across the entire enterprise – physical/on-premise networks and hybrid cloud platforms
icon Enterprise security policy
Enterprise security policy
Manage and control enterprise security policy from a single console
icon Realtime compliance
Realtime compliance
Ensure continuous compliance and auditability
icon Support
Support multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-cloud environments
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