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Febelfin renewes security and network infrastructure with do-it-yourself focus

Febelfin - national association for financial sector in Belgium

Febelfin represents the financial sector in Belgium. They are the discussion partner and spokesperson for policy makers, supervisors, professional federations and interest groups. In this way, they represent about 250 financial institutions. Febelfin provides about 55,700 direct jobs. They are committed to a social and transparent banking sector.

The financial sector today faces enormous challenges, not least as a result of the corona crisis, and significant change processes. The federation must be attentive to the changing regulatory environment and strive to create an efficient working environment for its members.

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Febelfin office in Brussels

It has been predicted that 2021 will be the big year for diverse cyber attacks with ransomware at the forefront. The many remote workers caused by the Covid-19 pandemic give cybercriminals extra access points to work even more targeted and aggressive. Professional security for your network and the data of your employees and customers does not need to take up an entire IT department. Just look at Febelfin, which went for a Cisco/Meraki native based management system.

Most Internet security companies agree. Nowadays, the question is not if you will ever face a cyber attack, but when! We are becoming increasingly mobile, logging on from smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart devices at any time of the day and from any place imaginable. In addition, GDPR creates extra headaches for business leaders. They not only have to protect their own employees but also the data of all their customers. A responsible entrepreneur thinks twice when looking for a partner for his cybersecurity.

New digital structure with limited IT budget

As a representative of the financial sector, Febelfin is the discussion partner and spokesperson for policymakers, professional federations and interest groups. With the Febelfin Academy, they offer financial education to everyone who needs it. It is important that the participants can log in on a secured network during their training. After all, the sensitive data on their laptops must be protected.

Due to a planned move of the buildings, Febelfin Academy needed a cybersecurity integrator with an easy-to-manage solution. And that without making a full IT budget available. They were looking for a system with their own input, a 'do it yourself' platform that did not require any specialised knowledge.

'First time right' approach: time and cost-efficient

Companies of all sizes choose Nomios UK to take care of their digital infrastructure. That includes Febelfin Academy. They are fans of Nomios UK's excellent project execution because thanks to their 'first time right' philosophy, no time or budget is lost.

Jan Lamaire, Sales Director at Nomios UK Belgium, took this opportunity with both hands and his team got to work immediately. "Nomios UK is honoured to start a partnership with an organisation such as Febelfin, where we played our part as 'trusted advisor', building a setup in the right proportion between a 'do it yourself' solution and the desired reduction of workloads."

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Febelfin reference case

Two skilled and certified engineers threw themselves into the Febelfin project and determined that the Cisco/Meraki system provided the best solution. This is a native-based management system with which you can manage the entire network from a single console. There is no need for complicated upgrades and everything is in human language.

Yet Cisco/Meraki provides a digital workplace that is protected against the worst threats. With next-generation Wi-Fi, remote workers everywhere get the same secure IT experience as in the office. The migration of the infrastructure became a successful corona story because Nomios UK managed it remotely in the middle of the lockdown.

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