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Regional psychiatric centre Les Marronniers implements secure wireless solution

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The Centre Régional Psychiatrique (CRP) Les Marronniers accompanies and cares for patients with mental health problems, whatever their age. Whether it is a question of prevention, outpatient care, rehabilitation, hospital care (planned or crisis) or accommodation, the patient is at the heart of the system developed with the multidisciplinary teams, in conjunction with the family and the network.

In addition to the local, provincial, community or cross-border care offer, the CRP also has a medico-legal mission to protect the patient and society, as well as an educational and research mission.

Improving the conditions of hospitalisation, limiting the risk of undesirable events related to care and increasing satisfaction with hospitalisation are the three main challenges of the quality approach for patients. For employees, the aim is to improve processes in order to work more safely.

They have an open ward, a closed ward and a third for out-patient care. Altogether they offer services to more than 700 patients daily with a staff of 1000+. The IT department was faced with a Wi-Fi bandwidth problem. They wanted to move forward to implement new technologies and possibilities, but their current Wi-Fi network couldn’t take the strain. Via buyer’s platform GIAL, CRP Marronniers chose to accept the offer of Nomios.

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Listen to the customer to find the best solution

First, the situation was thoroughly assessed. Nomios’ consultants listened to the problems and expectations and together with Les Marronniers, all possibilities were discussed in depth. Everyone agreed on an integrated implementation with Cisco solutions. Cisco is known for their wide range of applications and switches which are constantly learning, adapting and protecting. A new and improved system would replace the old one, resulting in a much higher Wi-Fi bandwidth capacity and a virtual double network that would take over once the system detected problems.

All throughout the changes, Nomios made sure that CRP Marronniers, their 700+ patients and 1000+ employees could go about their business.

Cisco for higher bandwidth, virtual double network and identification portal

Together with the new system, Nomios installed a new version of Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) so that only known computers and appliances could connect to the secured network. To accommodate the patients and their visitors, a Wi-Fi guest network was put into place with an identification portal which requires a code for guests to sign in.

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Unique staff security system using Location Based Services

Once all the changes were made and the new system was up and running and showed it’s worth from day to day, the CRP Marronniers IT department could start thinking about the future. As a psychiatric hospital, some of their needs do differ from other facilities and organizations. And one of those needs is the security of their staff.

For the staff of the closed psychiatric ward, they put into place a lone worker monitoring system. This system works with a small cellphone device which, at the touch of a button, sends out a distress signal and locates the exact location of the user within the hospital walls. Once the panic button is pressed, precise Wi-Fi geolocation helps the other staff to find their colleague in need in just a matter of seconds.

Another advancement which they were able to make due to the new improved network was the safety of their medical and pharmaceutical refrigerators. A sensor is used to take regular samples of the temperature and will strike an alarm if any of the previously set parameters are off. It also allows for greater security because the sensors will log who wants access or who takes what and when.

From assessment to managed services

The success story of Nomios and CRP Marronniers has been ongoing for the past 5 years because the relationship didn’t end when Nomios delivered the new system. They remain a trusted advisor to Marronniers’ IT department and are continuously available should problems arise.

Michael Mathon, IT-manager at the psychiatric hospital praises Nomios for their advanced knowledge of the implementations and their active role throughout the entire process. “They are a good partner to work with. They provided us with a professional system which is easy in use but very advanced in security and reliability. They also provide us with a fixed support contact which results in a dependable and established relationship.”

At Nomios, Country Manager Kris Verheye looks back on 5 years of trusted partnership. “Nomios is very proud to be able to use its expertise in the healthcare industry and in location-based services in the case of CRP Les Marronniers.”
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