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Sint-Trudo Hospital strengthens cybersecurity with Armis integration

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With the digitalisation of business at a record pace, cybersecurity is only becoming more important. And this does not only apply to IT players and software companies. Sint-Trudo Hospital, for instance, relied on Armis' specialised solution, which was seamlessly integrated by cybersecurity & networking specialist Nomios.

A hospital is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Every connected device can in fact be a risk, especially if they are medical devices. These are 'black boxes' where the underlying technology is often unknown and can therefore form a risk. This is why Nomios integrated the Armis solution for Sint-Trudo Hospital, which gives the IT team a complete and clear overview of what is on the network and which systems are communicating with each other in which way. In the process, vulnerabilities and resulting cyber risks are clearly identified.

With 310 accredited beds, a dedicated team of more than 850 staff and 150 experienced doctors, the Sint-Trudo Hospital is committed to patient-centred, preventive and quality healthcare. As a modern healthcare institution, Sint-Trudo Hospital is not only an integral part of the South-West Limburg hospital network, but also cooperates with various medical centres and partners within a comprehensive transmural care framework. The hospital focuses primarily on specialised primary care and also distinguishes itself through expertise in specific subspecialties.

"The management platform of Armis also monitors anomalies and performance issues on the network," says Cédric Lahaye, Account Manager at Nomios. "From October 2024, (medium-)sized companies from essential and important sectors will have to comply with the obligations following the implementation of new EU-wide regulations on cybersecurity (NIS2). As a trusted partner, Nomios was the ideal candidate to carry out the integration of Armis. Currently, we are analysing follow-up steps together with Peter De Bruyne, IT Director at Sint-Trudo, to also implement a stronger EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution.

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Big bang

Cybersecurity is a must, but are companies always aware of its necessity? It is true that cybersecurity is often considered a cost, but when you are hit by a cyberattack and your business can no longer function, it will lead to a very different cost. Our role as trusted advisor is to first and foremost listen to our customers and guide them by providing the necessary advice and steering them step by step to a higher level of security for their specific organisation. You cannot integrate everything all at once, through a big bang, and expect everything to be protected. This has to happen gradually, through a clearly defined security roadmap.

"Sint-Trudo evaluated several products, which showed that Armis was the best choice with several advantages over the competition, namely its user-friendliness and the ability to collect a comprehensive dataset from different sources for all detected devices. This gives Sint-Trudo Hospital a clear view of what is on their network. In addition, Armis will prioritise the risks that are most important to the customer, allowing vulnerabilities to be resolved quickly," Cédric Lahaye explains.

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Everyone is a target

We associate cyber-attacks with IT and software companies, but other businesses should also be vigilant about it. "Cybersecurity is in all segments and all verticals. Our portfolio includes higher education institutes, hospitals, and manufacturing customers," says Charlotte Dhondt, Marketing Manager at Nomios. "Cybercrime is 'big business' and even the smallest malicious attack can cause severe damage to your reputation and productivity. Every organisation has vulnerable 'crown jewels' it wants to protect. And especially in the case of a critical infrastructure such as a hospital, where the personal data of patients is highly privacy sensitive. It is then up to us as a partner to help with that in the best possible way."

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