Arista introduces 7360X series open cloud switch platform

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Arista Networks, the supplier of software-based cloud networking solutions, introduces the 7360X series open cloud switch platform. This platform doubles the density and reduces both the power consumption and the required investment and operational costs. Customers can now respond to the need for greater bandwidth with less leaf-spine. The 7368X4 series is immediately available with 100G interfaces.

With the 7360X series and the Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System), cloud providers can migrate to high capacity 100G or 400G connections. Arista's 7368X is based on an open platform concept, which offers more freedom of choice, scalability, configuration options and efficiency savings. With this, Arista wants to further simplify the design of cloud networks.

Arista and Facebook

Engineering teams from Arista and Facebook have collaborated in the development of the new platform. As a result, the platform can also be managed via FBOSS (Facebook Open Switching Software), in particular the control planet, power and temperature.

The new platform has a compact design of four rack units, for all active components. Compared to other modular systems, the density is improved by 50%, while the power consumption is reduced by 60% because a 100G port uses less than 10 watts. Arista's 7368x supports 100G QSFP and 400G OSFP or QSFD-DD connections and cables, while EOS provides all the necessary management, automation and telemetry functionality for building and managing modern cloud networks.

Energy and space savings

"The new Arista solution has delivered significant energy and space savings to Facebook because fewer switching chips are needed in the network," said Najam Ahmad, Vice President of Network Engineering at Facebook. "Thanks to the internally developed Minipack and Arista’s solution, Facebook remains multi-sourced and we have the option of running Arista EOS or FBOSS on a switch, while each system can be implemented in multiple network tiers."

"Arista's 7368X series is the result of collaboration between two talented engineering teams," said Anshul Sadana, Chief Operating Officer of Arista Networks. "That has yielded more than when each team designs and develops independently of each other."

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