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Could Fortinet be the answer to your organisation’s cybersecurity?

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Cyber security is now essential for any organisation, and as you may know, our passion for it here at Nomios has led us to create the Nomios Cyber Maturity Curve. But making sure you have the six essential controls covered can be a complex task. Luckily help might just be at hand thanks to Fortinet.

Fortinet secures some of the largest organisations and service providers around the world but is just as capable of protecting small and medium enterprises too. Their seamless protection across an ever-changing environment gives organisations the power to take on whatever attacks come their way.

The Nomios Cyber Maturity Curve

At Nomios we have long believed in the core principles of cyber security, but we are passionate about doing more when it comes to protecting businesses. That’s why we created the Nomios Cyber Maturity Curve which begins with 6 essential controls. These are the foundation of a solid cyber security defence.

6 Essential Controls managed with Fortinet’s help

Fortinet has a wide range of products to secure your organisation against cyber attacks and misuse. Below are the five controls we consider essential to a secure network and the Fortinet products we think are perfect for managing each one.

Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW)

A next-generation firewall is designed to protect against contemporary threats to your organisation’s cyber security. Unlike previous generations of firewalls, they can also protect against advanced cyber threats. They are undoubtedly your first line of defence against unauthorised access and give you control over whom you let into your network. FortiGate from Fortinet is an NGFW that delivers unbroken coverage that is capable of scaling to include remote working, offices, data centres and your cloud network. It provides unrivalled visibility and security including virtual and container firewalls and applications.

Remote Access

The way we work has dramatically changed over the last few years with more of us working remotely or on the go. This has meant that our network security has had to change too, this is where Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) comes in. SASE allows your network and security capabilities to be extended beyond the confines of your typical workspace. This allows your users to take advantage of the protections they are used to, like firewalls, secure web gateways and zero trust network access, wherever they are. FortiSASE from Fortinet brings these capabilities and more to your network, including DNS, IPS, DLP and Sandboxing making them the only vendor to provide full security coverage at every network edge.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG)

As more organisations migrate to cloud-based networks and applications the attack surface increases. Web-based traffic presents a particularly high risk as this continues to be one of the main avenues of attack. And as these attacks become more sophisticated organisations need solutions that can match them. That’s where an SWG comes in, allowing you to enforce internet access policies specific to your company and filter out unwanted software like malware. Fortinet Secure Web Gateway protects your users and your organisation from web-based threats and allows you to enforce policy compliance for web applications. Fortinet’s FortiGate SWG can combine both their NGFW and SWG services making network security management easy and allowing your security team to make the best use of their time.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Cyber attacks can happen in minutes, and before you know it your endpoints are compromised.

Traditional, first-generation EDR solutions can no longer keep up as their manual triage and response cost valuable time in the face of a malicious incursion. That’s where FortiEDR comes in.

FortiEDR is one of the most trusted endpoint security vendors in the industry, and with good reason. This industry-leading EDR offers advanced threat intelligence and the kind of visibility, analysis and management that can make a real difference when your network is under attack. However, it doesn’t just wait for an attack to come your way before it earns its keep. It proactively detects threats, preventing malware infections and reducing the attack surface in real-time. You can also automate threat responses with customisable playbooks, taking pressure off your security team.

Email Security

FortiMail from Fortinet provides comprehensive protection for organisations against a wide range of email-borne threats. Utilising advanced threat intelligence and multi-layered filtering, FortiMail effectively safeguards users from spam, phishing, malware, ransomware, and targeted attacks. This powerful solution integrates easily with existing infrastructure, offering flexible deployment options like hardware appliances, virtual machines, and cloud-based services. FortiMail's granular control over email content and attachments, coupled with data loss prevention (DLP) and encryption capabilities, ensures the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive information.

Vulnerability Management

It is an unfortunate truth that no software or operating system is completely impenetrable and once vulnerabilities are discovered they are open to attack. Fortinet’s FortiClient can deliver the protection you need along with compliance and secure access. FortiClient is able to report on the status of devices and the applications and firmware they are running, sending suspicious files to a Sandbox as well as enforcing controls for apps, URLs, USBs and firmware upgrades. All of this provides you with clear and easy management of your network vulnerabilities in one trusted product.

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If you’d like to find out more about Fortinet products and how they can help you manage your cyber security, get in touch with our expert team. They can talk you through all things Fortinet and make sure your organisation is covered for all five of the essential controls listed above.

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