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F5 DDoS Hybrid Defender

Delivers DDoS protection for the network and at the app layer with flexibility and scale.

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Sophisticated attacks require sophisticated solutions

Traditional DDoS solutions focus solely on a narrow range of attacks. Here are some of the reasons they’re only partially effective:

  • By black-holing or rate-limiting, they cripple the connections of legitimate users in network layer (or flood) attacks.
  • They’re blind to SSL traffic and dependent on their placement in the network when application-layer attacks hit.
  • On-premises defences are rendered useless when a WAN bandwidth saturation shuts down Internet connectivity.

Fortunately, DDoS Hybrid Defender provides a greater depth of defence. It’s the only multi-layered defence that protects against blended network attacks and sophisticated application attacks, while enabling full SSL decryption, anti-bot capabilities, and advanced detection methods—all in one appliance. It also delivers the highest performance with line-rate capabilities and without impacting legitimate traffic.

DDoS Hybrid Defender


Security and scale

Get stateful security with stateless scale while detecting and protecting against layer 3 through 7 attacks.

Resilient design

High-performance hardware can be coupled with cloud-based scrubbing for unmatched performance.

Operational efficiency

Automated systems allow for greater impact with smaller staff.


Automatically create dynamic signatures to enable fast, accurate threat identification and blocking.

Built-in intelligence

Our global threat feeds and trend analysis protects against current and future threats.

Flexible deployment

Integrate with your existing network architecture, with in-line, out-of-band, cloud-delivered, or hybrid deployment options.


Security dashboards with real-time mitigation results let you know it’s working.


Get the most cost-effective security solutions at scale.
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