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Best-in-class AI-powered email security protection against the most sophisticated attacks, from phishing and impersonation to BEC and zero-day threats.

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Wold-class advanced email security trusted by over 40K customers globally

As the top attack vector, email demands the strongest possible protection. Mimecast email security defends against even the most sophisticated attacks. Keep your organisation one step ahead of threats like phishing and ransomware, social engineering, payment fraud, and impersonation, Mimecast email security blocks the most dangerous attacks with total deployment flexibility.


Mimecast email security

Award winning benefits for all

icon AI-Powered Protection
AI-Powered Protection
Protect against targeted email threats and data loss with AI and ML Cybersecurity.
icon Dynamic Bannering
Dynamic Bannering
Contextual Warning Banners Applies dynamic, colour-coded warning banners only to emails that warrant them, alerting employees at the point of risk.
icon Browser Isolation
Browser Isolation
Mimecast Browser Isolation allows users to safely click on any URL embedded in an email or surf to any website, protecting from phishing attempts and cyber threats
Solution Options

Get email security solutions that are smarter, easier, faster and more proactive

Email is the open door through which nearly all vital business communication flows — and the threat vector through which virtually all cyberattacks begin. Email security must protect organisations against all the email attacks criminals have honed — from phishing, spam, and malware to ransomware and brand impersonation. And large-scale cloud service providers, like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, demand the strongest possible protection for one simple reason – they’re the biggest targets.

Get AI-powered, best-in-class protection with Mimecast Email Security, now offered with two deployment options.

Email Security, Cloud Gateway is ideal for organisations that need to manage more complex email environments, including the need for customisable policies and granular controls. This solution can also be paired with Mimecast’s larger solution suite, including award-winning awareness training, products that proactively safeguard your brand and supply chain, and an unmatched portfolio of open APIs and pre-built integrations for sharing threat intelligence.

Email Security, Cloud Integrated deploys in minutes and is ideal for organisations that want to optimise protection for their M365 environments. An Integrated Cloud Email Security solution that doesn’t require an MX record change, it dramatically simplifies email security administration with out-of-the-box settings, an intuitive homepage that shows what has been blocked and why, and one-click remediation of threats.

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Solution Video

Mimecast Email Security: Cloud Gateway & Cloud Integrated

Learn all about Mimecast's best-in-class advanced email security: Cloud Gateway and Cloud Integrated. Watch the video and find out more.

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Product Enhancements

The power of together - fully integrated targeted email threat protection

What if all you had to solve was one attack vector, one problem — wouldn't that be great?

The reality is that you have to do more than that, so Mimecast does more too. Mimecast's fully integrated product suite lets you address a wide range of challenges simply, effectively, and affordably. Each solution works seamlessly with your Mimecast Email Security service to enhance protections, increase visibility, and reduce complexity. The result? You can focus on controlling risk, not managing technology.

The Power of Together

Designed to keep the key intersection of communications, people, and data secure, the Mimecast Product Suite means you don't have to compromise between security and simplicity. Though powerful alone, these solutions become your security X factor when deployed together, letting you control risk, optimize resources, and focus on what matters most — keeping your organization secure, not managing technology.

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Manage risk, not technology.

Email and collaboration are where work happens. They’re also where risk occurs. The reality of malicious actors, human error, and technological fallibility has created massive complexity, as security teams deploy more and more disconnected solutions — 75 on average — in an effort to stay secure. The question becomes: how can you control risk without adding complexity?

Enter the Mimecast X1 Platform, which powers the Mimecast Product Suite. By creating a fully integrated system of systems that integrates seamlessly with other technologies — from M365 and Google Workspace to complementary security tools, it turns email and collaboration protection into the eyes and ears of our customers’ organizations, transforming security from reactive to proactive.

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Nomios is an award-winning Mimecast partner with advanced specialities and the distinction of multiple certified engineers on staff. Our engineers are recognised by Mimecast as technical experts and advocates of Mimecast solutions. That means you can count on Nomios for the technical know-how and hands-on experience to accurately assess your business requirements, and design, implement, and manage a Mimecast-based solution to suit your needs.

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Email security FAQs

Email is cybercriminals’ method of choice for entering business networks and stealing from them; email is also most organisations’ primary means of communications. Thus, email security safeguards employee communication and reduces risk with targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls. Multiple layers of email security protection are required to stop known and emerging email-borne threats before they reach your organisation’s environment.

Email is only as secure as organisations make it. Any IT department can spin up an email server, assign email addresses, and then let things run unchecked for users until there is a problem. Realistically, however, in today’s world of ever-increasing cyberattacks, securing email must be a top priority for every organisation. Most cyberattacks arrive via email. This means that not only does the IT department need to be on guard, but every single user in the organisation must be trained to look out for the threats that will arrive via their inbox. With the right set of integrated security tools and the right training, organisations can stop most email-based attacks before they ever launch. Email security takes time and takes effort, but it is not an impossibility with the right set of integrated tools and security awareness training.

Organisations are seeing a massive rise in cyberattacks. Legitimate business emails can contain the sensitive information cybercriminals need in order to access and exploit critical business systems. Phishing emails can give cybercriminals instant access to an organisation’s entire network in just one click. Even with proper email security training, data breaches can still occur. Organisations need cloud-based email solutions that offer encryption, targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls.

Organisations that need to strengthen their email security should start by taking the risks posed by cybercriminals very seriously. Organisations of all sizes across the world are being targeted daily by email-based attacks. These organisations need to start by building cyberthreat awareness across their entire organisation, not just in their IT department. Much of this can be accomplished through cyber awareness training programs. Organisations also need to do the research necessary to truly understand the specific threats they are facing, including conducting a complete audit of their current security tools. Once the organisation understands where they stand, they need to move forward with implementing security policies, enabling encryption at every endpoint, using threat intelligence to stay secure, and continually testing their ability to stop and recover from various types of cyberattacks. Organisations also need to govern user behaviour for tools, devices, and repositories, as well as tighten password policies and account access. Lastly, organisations need to look toward the latest advancements in technology, such as tools that use AI to recognise and share cyberattack information across their entire integrated security stack.

Organisations need an email security solution that stops malware, spam, and advanced threats using targeted threat protection, data leak prevention, and enforced email security controls. While team members should always be trained in proper email security, solutions need to be automated, cloud-based, and offer encryption. Email security solutions should work in the background and not impede user productivity. When evaluating email security companies, organizations need to find an email security partner with the right tools to prevent, detect, and respond quickly to phishing attacks and other email-based threats.


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