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While Ethernet was originally developed as a Local Area Network (LAN) technology its low cost (compared to ATM) and ubiquity amongst suppliers has led to increased use in Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN). As Ethernet standards have continued to evolve it has become both feature rich and highly available, and now provides high capacity with 100Gbps Ethernet available.

Metro ethernet forum

As Ethernet continued to grow in use it was recognised that additional standards were required to ensure quality and availability across networks that were made up of different equipment types. The Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) was created and now contains 200+ equipment providers who work together to deliver a framework for agile, assured and orchestrated services across a global ecosystem of manufacturers devices.

Carrier ethernet

The MEF used the concept of Carrier Ethernet to further define Ethernet in way that it can be used outside of the LAN as a Carrier-Class Service. In doing so it defines several different types of Ethernet Service that can be consumed.

Ethernet Service Types

  • Ethernet Private Line – point to point service
  • Ethernet LAN – multipoint to multipoint service
  • Ethernet Tree – point to multipoint service
  • Ethernet Access – wholesale ethernet service

Ethernet over MPLS

MPLS is often used to carry Ethernet traffic similar to the carrier Ethernet types as defined above – for example VPLS is equivalent to E-LAN in providing multipoint to multipoint services. MPLS PseudoWires is also equivalent to E-Line services in providing point to point circuits.

How can Nomios UK help?

Nomios UK has over 15 years’ experience of delivering Ethernet and MPLS capable solutions to customers and a wealth of experience in delivering Metro Ethernet solutions that are both highly available and cost efficient. In particular, we utilise technology from Juniper Networks, Nokia, Cisco, and ADVA to deliver Metro ethernet services.

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