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Don't leave your cybersecurity to chance, make sure it is fit for purpose with certified assurance testing.

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An exciting cybersecurity alliance

Nomios is strategically partnering with the leading cybersecurity consultancy Dionach in a move that promises to elevate our capabilities and deliver unparalleled cybersecurity solutions. In an era where cyber threats are constantly evolving, collaboration is key. This partnership allows us to combine our strengths, share insights, and innovate to stay one step ahead. By combining our expertise in cybersecurity, we can provide a complete range of consultancy, deployment, and management solutions, which means that our clients will be equipped with the best tools and strategies to safeguard their digital assets.

Stronger together

So, why have we created this partnership?

Nomios and Dionach are experts in cybersecurity, but each has differing value propositions, skill sets, and industry knowledge that really complement one another.

This means for our customers, we can deliver a more comprehensive, more feature-rich cybersecurity portfolio and add even more value than we could individually.

To find out more, watch the short video where Nomios' Will Reincke talks to James Thomas, COO of Dionach, about our partnership.


Assurance services

icon Consultancy
Building the foundations for cyber resilience.
icon Pen Testing
Pen Testing
Ensure the ongoing protection of sensitive data and critical assets.
icon Social Engineering
Social Engineering
Where trust is tested, and vulnerabilities are fortified.
icon Security Auditing
Security Auditing
Protect your critical systems and remain fit for purpose.
icon Ransomware Readiness
Ransomware Readiness
Could you be attacked? What will be the impact? and how quickly can you recover?
icon Red Team Security Testing
Red Team Security Testing
A comprehensive and holistic approach to uncover vulnerabilities across different layers of an organisation.
icon Scada Testing
Scada Testing
Defending critical processes against invisible threats.
The partnership

Who are Dionach?

Dionach is an independent, CREST approved global provider of information security solutions.

With a twenty-four-year track record delivering insight-led cyber security services to organizations worldwide, they are the perfect partner to Nomios to strengthen your cyber resilience, mitigate risk and safeguard your most valuable information assets across the enterprise.

Dionach are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified and a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). They deliver a range of Assurance services ranging from Network and Web Application Penetration Testing Services, Red and Purple Team engagements, SCADA and OT Testing to Governance Risk and Compliance Services. The range and quality of services offered by Dionach demonstrates the industry-leading competence of their technical specialists and their dedication to achieving the highest possible standards in service delivery.

Get in touch today and see what they can do for you.

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