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Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

An integrated security architecture with analytics and automation capabilities to dramatically improve visibility and response.

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FortiAnalyzer: The Core of Fortinet's security network

FortiAnalyzer is at the heart of the Fortinet Security Fabric, offering centralised logging and analysis to provide comprehensive visibility. This allows analysts to more effectively manage security posture, automate security processes, and respond swiftly to threats.

With FortiAnalyzer, you get unparalleled visibility across both IT and OT infrastructures. It integrates smoothly with devices and applications across the Security Fabric, converting raw data into actionable intelligence. This unified view helps to reduce operational bottlenecks, strengthens defences with both historical and real-time insights, and enables security teams to be consistently proactive.

Centralised management

FortiAnalyzer automatically gathers, stores, and analyses logs from all Fortinet security devices, including FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, VPNs, and intrusion detection and prevention systems. It simplifies the management of large volumes of logs and allows for efficient searching of specific events using various criteria. Its single-pane visibility and actionable results aid in detecting potential security threats and optimising the network for enhanced performance.

SD-WAN visibility, analytics, and reporting

FortiAnalyzer monitors and analyses traffic within an SD-WAN deployment. Analysts receive insights into bandwidth usage, application traffic, and link utilisation, helping identify any bottlenecks. By pinpointing areas that need more bandwidth, which applications are causing network congestion, and which links are most used, it aids in improving overall performance.


FortiAnalyze benefits

icon End-to-End visibility
End-to-End visibility
Reduce time to detection by leveraging the FortiGuard IOC service to quickly identify threats
icon Reduced MTTI
Reduced MTTI
Identify network anomalies in real time by correlating threat data and sharing threat intelligence
icon High availability at the enterprise level
High availability at the enterprise level
Automatically back up the FortiAnalyzer database for disaster recovery
icon Security automation
Security automation
Reduce complexity & cost with automation-enabled REST APIs, scripts, connectors, automation stitches
icon Open platform approach
Open platform approach
Integrates the Fortinet portfolio and third-party solutions via robust APIs
icon Advanced compliance reporting
Advanced compliance reporting
Provides hundreds of pre-built regulation-specific reports & templates to make proving compliance easy
Explainer Video

Incident response with FortiAnalyzer

Watch an overview of how Fortinet’s FortiAnalyzer can aggregate logs, receive analytics, and easily implement automation to simplify complex operations.

Use Cases for FortiAnalyzer: Streamlining network security and compliance

FortiAnalyzer streamlines network security with its advanced features. It swiftly identifies network threats using FortiGuard's Indicators of Compromise (IOC), enhancing detection speed. The platform offers real-time visibility into all Security Fabric telemetry, further aided by Fortiview.

Integration with FortiGuard Labs ensures up-to-date information on emerging threats, bolstering protection. FortiAnalyzer also simplifies security management by enabling automation through REST APIs, scripts, and connectors. For compliance and reporting, it provides numerous pre-built reports and templates, easing the compliance process. Additionally, its support for Staff Augmentation through SOCAAS enhances its utility in managing and maintaining network security efficiently.

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