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Combine network automation with data insights and visibility to increase network uptime, efficiency, and security.

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Intelligently automate your core network with data-driven insights

As devices and applications proliferate throughout your network, it can be extremely difficult to see things in perspective, much less use assets efficiently. Your IT teams struggle to stay on top of provisioning, configurations, rogue devices, compliance, audits, capacity planning, and scores of other activities. And yet when they lack a comprehensive view and contextual information, your network remains vulnerable to unplanned outages, traffic spikes, slow performance, and security risks.

Infoblox network automation incorporates actionable intelligence, automatically distilled from the rivers of telemetry coursing through core network services such as DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI). Network automation, combined with data-driven insights and comprehensive visibility, empowers your teams to make faster, smarter network decisions, optimise uptime, efficiency, and performance, enhance security, and enable innovation across your business.

Simplify and streamline network management


These days, your network must support an escalating number of on-demand applications and split-second response times. As a result, your network infrastructure is becoming more complex. It’s composed of diverse, often siloed, multi-vendor infrastructure, including mobile devices at the edge and data centre infrastructure. To make everything run smoothly, your network engineers likely rely on manual processes and poorly integrated solutions. These approaches hinder agility, do not provide complete visibility, and are not scalable. They make it increasingly difficult to meet the increasing demands for service delivery and reliability of your enterprise - and your customers - require.

With Infoblox NetMRI, you can gain control over your highly complex network infrastructure. It simplifies and automates the management of multi-vendor environments and enforce best practices, compliance mandates, and security policies.

Efficiently discover and analyse network configurations

Automatically discover all devices on your network, where they reside, and how they link together. Proactively monitor and analyse network configurations to identify configuration problems early. Apply deep analysis and insights to optimise your network, avoid outages, and identify rogue devices. Easily inventory and visualise multiple topology layers and network constructs, such as VLANs, routes, and virtual networks.

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Rapidly adapt to evolving business needs

Automate network change, rapidly provision new services, and implement network modifications in minutes instead of days or weeks. Remediate and provision automatically and dynamically without waiting for manual action. Gain the agility to harness network insights to resolve violations faster and accelerate service provisioning and network maintenance.

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More easily monitor and enforce policies

Automatically and continually enforce and audit network infrastructure configurations. Simplify enforcement of corporate and regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI, HIPAA, DISA, and STIGs across multi-vendor equipment. Apply out-of-the-box configuration policies to evaluate your network against industry best practices without having to write scripts.

Leverage NetMRI Advisor for continuous updates and monitoring for PSIRTs, Advisories, and end of sale/support notices impacting your devices.

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Key features

icon Network discovery
Network discovery
Automatically and continually track multi-vendor infrastructure, end hosts, network constructs (routes, VLANs, virtual forwarding and routing, etc.), and topologies with current and historical information.
icon Configuration management
Configuration management
Automatically detect and audit network changes and receive detailed analysis. Take advantage of configuration back up, powerful search, and correlation of network problems with time and location.
icon Change automation
Change automation
Manage network-wide change tasks with simple yet robust methods for encoding change logic with minimal scripting.
icon Policy and compliance enforcement
Policy and compliance enforcement
Automatically and continuously assess network changes in real time against security policies with an easy-to-use rule studio.
icon Network analysis
Network analysis
Get analysis and alerts on network configuration problems, including ticking time bombs that show no fault or performance symptoms.
icon Anytime, anywhere mobile access
Anytime, anywhere mobile access
Manage your network from your mobile device. View network inventory, find device locations, and control port and VLAN connections.
icon Hardened appliance
Hardened appliance
Get a solution that ships on a purpose-built hardware device and includes the operating system and database, reducing your costs and maintenance requirements.
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