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A Single Platform for Everything Cloud Security. Wiz empowers security and development teams by providing visibility, context, and risk prioritisation throughout the entire development lifecycle.

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Explore Wiz: A new era in cloud security

Vulnerability management, CSPM and CWPP solutions.

Discover how Wiz is transforming the landscape of cloud security. Led by a team of visionaries, Wiz is on a quest to empower organisations with secure cloud solutions. Their innovative approach involves creating a normalising layer between cloud environments, enabling rapid identification and mitigation of critical risks.


Nomios & Wiz

As cloud adoption expands, so does the complexity, and keeping pace requires a new approach. Organisations need a solution that deploys without agents in minutes and enables security teams to unify a fragmented cloud security stack.

Wiz is the #1 solution for cloud security based on independent customer reviews. By aligning with Nomios, businesses can be confident in leveraging Wiz's technology to its fullest potential, ensuring streamlined operations, enhanced security, and robust performance.



Wiz revolutionizes cloud security with its comprehensive suite, addressing Vulnerability Management, CWPP, and CSPM. Using agentless and cloud-native approaches, Wiz offers unified protection, extensive vulnerability catalogs, and real-time threat identification. With contextual risk-based prioritization, it ensures complete workload visibility and strategic decision-making, transforming how organizations tackle cloud security challenges.


Why Wiz stands out in cloud security

Secure your cloud journey with Wiz

The Wiz Cloud Security Platform is a game-changer for businesses venturing into the cloud. It's crafted to enable faster and safer cloud development, facilitating collaboration between security, development, and DevOps teams in a self-service model. This model is built for the scale and speed required in modern cloud development.

icon Globally Trusted:
Globally Trusted:
40% of Fortune 100 companies choose Wiz for their cloud security needs.
icon Robust Protection:
Robust Protection:
Over 5 million cloud workloads are protected by Wiz, with a staggering 230 billion files scanned daily.
icon Peer-Recognized Excellence:
Peer-Recognized Excellence:
Wiz maintains a 5-star rating on platforms like G2 and Gartner Peer Insights.
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